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Nichele Beach. interior. May 28th , 2017.

The bathroom is also the perfect place to create a calming and relaxing space. With a claw foot soaking tub, a few lit candles, and dimmers on the lights, you can create a spa-like way to end your day.

Aside from pulling the curtains closed for privacy, there are other benefits to having window treatments. This includes controlling the amount of light in your home, and adding an additional layer of insulation for your home — which reduces energy bills all year long.

Interior designers will tell you — art isn't optional. Luckily, there are limitless options as for what you can choose to showcase in your own home. Choose a piece that speaks to you, whether it reminds you of a place you've been, a hobby you have, or just colors and lines that make you feel happy. It doesn't have to be a pricey piece, just something that shows off your style.

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Furnishing a home can be an overwhelming process. In today's world, there are a million home products to crowd our spaces with. From specialized kitchen gadgets to endless designs of throw pillows, it's hard to know which home essentials we truly need in our dwellings.

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